The Happiness Over Time Chart

Unlock the secrets to long-term happiness with our exclusive Happiness Over Time Chart!

In this complimentary worksheet, you'll gain access to invaluable insights and actionable steps to empower yourself on your journey to happiness. Whether you're seeking clarity, motivation, or simply a roadmap to a more fulfilling life, this tool is designed to guide you every step of the way.
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“I am a mother-of-five and I work full-time, as well as being a writer (which is my passion). I am also under pressure to look after my health (I had a mini-stroke last year) and to keep fit (which is becoming increasingly difficult in middle age. And of course, I would like to do more charity work. All these demands on my time, that sometimes, I forget about 'me'. Kat's book is a good read - do consider getting it and making that time for yourself to look after the inner you.”
Jacqueline Koay, Full-time Doctor and Writer



Begin by reflecting on your current level of happiness. Monitor your happiness levels and track your journey toward a happier life, gaining insights into recurring patterns and trends that shape your emotional well-being over time.


Next, identify specific areas of your life where you would like to experience more joy and fulfillment. This could include relationships, career, health, or personal development. Use the checklist provided to jot down any areas that resonate with you.


Utilize your happiness data to set achievable goals and prioritize practical strategies to cultivate more joy and fulfillment in your daily life.


As you pursue greater happiness, tracking your progress is vital. Utilize the Happiness Over Time Chart to log your mood and activities regularly. This will enable you to spot patterns, make necessary adjustments, and cultivate lasting well-being.

Transformative testimonials from empowered women who have successfully navigated their journey to happiness with our resources.

Hi, I'm Kat Murdock - a passionate Author and Life Coach for women's self-improvement, empowerment and personal growth. I understand the struggles of feeling lost or uncertain about your path in life, which is why I've dedicated myself to providing transformative resources to help you thrive.

The Happiness Over Time Chart is your ticket to lasting joy and fulfillment. It's not just another tool; it's a roadmap to a happier tomorrow.

Hundreds of women have already experienced the transformative power of this chart, finding resilience, self-love, and purpose along the way.

Don't let another day go by without taking control of your happiness. Join me on this journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Let's start charting your path to happiness today.

Kat Murdock


"This book covers various topics like sleep and toxic relationships, with insightful quotes and helpful journal prompts. It's a practical guide that allows readers to apply the knowledge to their own lives, akin to having a mini therapist."
- Allana
"This is such a beautifully done journal for women to become their best versions of themselves. It is motivating and if diligently followed can totally transform its users towards a more happier, balanced and clearer future. Recommended for all women who loves writing and journaling."
- Elize
"I love the quotes. I love the nutritional part of the book, because without good health and good nutrition, you will not be able to improve and love yourself. I really find this book to be an excellent resource."
- Karen Anderson
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Kat Murdock is a life coach and an author in Perth who has created a Women Self-Help workbook that aims to help women of all ages across the world discover many different methods for self-love and overcoming obstacles in their life.

In the past, she has been sad, lonely, lost, invisible, burnt out, hurt, and at the bottom of a dark, confusing hole for most of her life. Times were tough, and as most women do, she played many roles in life and rarely had the time nor the knowledge to really get to know herself.

She oftentimes asked herself a question that many of us have asked before: "Where do we start?"

Through her journey Kat wanted to help other women so she created Self-Help Workbook for Women. If you’re seeking a self-help book that can serve as a self-improvement journal to better your life, you’ve come to the right place!
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